Unity Arising

In spite of evidence to the contrary, the human race is moving into one eternal moment of equality; one eternal moment of unity, where all levels of life and its existence merge together in the wonder of fulfillment.

This may seem to be a ridiculous notion in the chaotic climate of this present world. Mutual respect and reverence for all Souls animating each human body seems out of reach. Yet regardless of evidence or the lack of it, Unity is arising with each moment of collaboration, and it is finding a foothold… even though it seems light years away from being an everyday common human experience.

In the paradox of multi-dimensional realities, where time is non-linear and does not unfold as you know it, Unity already exists in the Quantum field. Beyond your mental constructs of space-time and what you “think” is real, the energetics of Unity are indeed alive and thriving in the ‘future present’ of the human experience.

Evolution will not be stopped. As a fundamental expression of the Creative Impulse, its existence activates and implements a superb and extraordinary cosmic plan. It interrupts, redirects, and intervenes in the human drama in a way that transcends any understanding by the mind. As you find ways to welcome and dance with evolution’s instability, you interact with a sense of Grace that blesses your Life. And you enter a palpable and profound adventure with the gifts it offers and the mystical nature of that which is yet Unknown.